Inspection/Repair Services

Created in 1972 through the Clean Water Act, the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit program authorized state governments to permit, administrate and enforce aspects of this program. This is important because the Stormwater Control Measures (SCM’s) in your community or commercial site are governed by these rules. The southeast has a particular set of maintenance and enforcement criteria and can be different per area. Regardless of where these SCM’s are at, they have to be maintained to standards set fourth by the state and municipal governments.

This is where Carolina Pond & Stormwater comes into play.

We are a full-service inspection and repair company that can comply to state and municipal standards to get your SCM up to standards prior to an inspection, or perform requested repairs after an inspection. Hopefully your SCM’s are being maintained at a level as to where no repairs are needed due to inspection, but if they are we can help.


Carolina Pond and Stormwater individually, or working in conjunction with a professional engineer, can inspect your SCM prior to a required state or municipal inspection. With our recommendations and, if needed, repairs, we can get you in adherence to regulations before a required inspection. This can potentially prevent fines and certainly headaches.

Structural Repairs

SCM’s may just look like a pond, but are very complex structures designed by an engineer prior to construction. Carolina Pond and Stormwater can repair any of these structural needs such as; outlet control structures, inflow/outflow barrels, dissipator pads…ect.

Shoreline Repairs

One of the most common issues here in the southeast area is erosion due to poor soil and/or lack of vegetated cover. These repairs can usually be done affordably and regardless of enforcement, need to be addressed so as not to lose shoreline and cause sedimentation in the pond. Carolina Pond and Stormwater can aid in repairing these areas utilizing proven techniques such as; sodding, wetland plant buffers or geoweb matting. See our erosion control and wetland plants page for more information.