Fountains and Aeration

Fountains and aeration can be a beautiful & healthy addition to a water body.

Any increase in dissolved oxygen levels will benefit the overall ecosystem of a pond or body of water. With an increase in oxygen, everything becomes more active including bacterial consumption of nutrients.


While fountains do increase the oxygen levels in ponds, they are more so implemented for aesthetic value. They can serve as a beautiful backdrop for a homeowner, or a focal point for an entire community. Fountains come in all shapes and sizes, and of course price. Carolina Pond and Stormwater is excited to be a dealer for Aquamaster Fountains and AIrmax Aeration and Fountains. Both of these manufactures are at the top of the spectrum when it comes to quality, affordability and warranty. Give us a call to select the best aeration product for you or your community.


Aeration, or better called diffused aeration, basically has no aesthetic value to a water body, but the overall health aspects of this system are enormous. Diffused aeration plates are placed on the bottom of the pond with thousands of microscopic pores and compressed air is sent through weighted tubing to the diffusor plates. This diffused air is then shot up through the water column oxygenating the entire body of water. This not only aids in bacterial consumption of nutrients, but prevents stratification. Stratification is the natural process of a body of water having different levels of temperature and oxygen concentration and can very easily cause fish kills. Aeration is a great insurance policy against fish kills.