2nd Annual Tour Of Ponds

pond saint james plantation
Photo Credit: The State Port Pilot

We love working with Home & Property Owner Associations! We’ve been serving individual homeowners and working directly with the POA at St. James Plantation for years and were thrilled to be invited as a speaker during their 2nd annual tour of ponds event. Scott Blevins, the owner of Carolina Pond and Stormwater, has been a featured speaker in past years to share his knowledge with property owners about pond maintenance while helping to keep POA ponds healthy.

From the POA’s Invitation – “If you live on or near a pond, this is a great event which showcases new and established ponds, and provides invaluable information on pond health and beauty. Blair Pond (at Blair and Wyndmere Dr.) is a ‘Showcase Pond’ planted and
maintained by the POA Ponds Committee. Scott Blevins, of Carolina Ponds and Storm Water, will be there to discuss the planting and erosion control he has provided to this pond. He is a wealth of information about the ponds which abound in our community.”

This year the State Port Pilot was also at St. James Plantation to cover the annual event while Scott was on hand to discuss planting and erosion control measures used by Carolina Pond and Stormwater at a community showcase pond. See the news article here or below.